Bowling Green Farms is a family owned dairy farm that has diversified over the years. It started with the production of oil seeds and small grains and over time, with the contacts made it has added a fully licensed elevator to the mix. Doing this we have opened the door for producers to increase margins and increase productivity by decreasing delivery times.

Bowling Green Farms will help every producer obtain the highest return on their investment. We at Bowling Green Farms know first hand what it takes to be successful in the Agricultural industry. Behind every successful producer is a team of hard working people. We want to be a part of your team.  As a member of your team we have put together this website with you in mind. Here you will find up to date prices and services that we offer.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping you with continued success in the coming years.

We offer crop inputting, harvesting, trucking, and marketing services.  Please visit our Services page for more information.